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With its hydrofoils to the Aeolian Islands, Snav takes you to Salina, the second largest island. Formed by six volcanoes, Salina features e highest mountain of the Aeolian islands, the mountain Fossa dei Felci  (Fern Hollow), which reaches 961 m in height. The name derives from a small lake that is located on the inside, where salt was once extracted.

Salina will present itself like an fertile island, full of life, rich with history (particularly marked by numerous invasions and foreign dominations throughout  the centuries) and typical gastronomic specialties (above all, the Malvasia delle Lipari, the wine that is produced on the island). If your ideal vacation is a time of relaxation, the discovery of traditions and luxuriant nature, then Salina is the  right place is for you.

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