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Stromboli is the first destination reached by the Snav hydrofoil for the Aeolian Islands. On board Snav’s  Orion you will be able to see the unmistakable profile of the island, a volcanic cone that emerges from the water.

With its deserted and wild landscapes, Stromboli is the ideal destination for those looking for places left untouched by the passing of time. The great beauty of the landscape merges seamlessly with a quiet, tranquil environment, away from the chaos of mass tourism. The volcanic nature of the island, with the signs of lava flows and of past eruptions, help make the atmosphere of Stromboli magical and surreal.

Let Snav lead you to the discovery of the island: you will find a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere , where the maritime traditions have been preserved perfectly in time. If you love to spend your holidays in total relaxation and wellness, Stromboli is the place for you.

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