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With its hydrofoils, Snav opens the doors of the island of Ponza, a gem set in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Exclusive, fashionable and with an assortment of flora and fauna, the island offers you a wide range of attractions, from fashionable and "celebrity" places to the most unspoiled landscapes, passing through a crystal and turquoise sea.

The center of Ponza winds through a series of narrow streets and lanes, through which you can admire the churches and bright and gaudy homes of fishermen. The beautiful beaches of Frontone, Cala Feola and Chiaia di Luna are a true natural paradise, where white sand, rocks and sea merge into the  single color of your dreams. The island is  rich in fauna and flora, and an ideal area for those who enjoy diving and snorkelling activities. Finally, nightlife is rich and lively, with bars, pubs and discos throughout Ponza.

If you love to spend your holidays with unique and beautiful natural landscapes, Ponza is the place for you: Snav will be happy to bring you to discover the infinite beauty of the island.

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