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  1. How can I apply for the special fares?

    Happy Price fares are applied automatically by the system, which will calculate the most economic fare available for the trip selected.

  2. What is the insurance?

    In collaboration with AMI ASSITANCE, Snav has created the TRIP CANCELLATION POLICY which allows for a refund of the penalty applied in the case of cancellation of the ticket due to unforeseen circumstances. You can buy it at the same time as the ticket; for further information, go to the Insurance Section.

  3. I think I have carried out the on-line booking and payment c

    You can check on the result of your booking by phoning the Help Desk at the number 081 4285500.

  4. What difference is there between the Fax and the e-mail Tick

    Fax or e-mail ticket: this is a ticket sent from our booking office by fax or e-mail, printed directly by the on-line booking system. Printscreen or Print ticket: this is a ticket issued by an agency that works with the Galileo/Sigma system.

  5. Is the printout of the ticket that I received by e-mail my d

    The ticket of the on-line booking that you received by e-mail (including the Transport Conditions) is your actual ticket, giving you the right to the trip. With this document, you can go directly to embarkation for the check-in operations.

  6. Apart from the e-mail confirming my booking, I also received

    This e-mail is a receipt for payment of the booking that you made by credit card.

  7. Who can I contact to get information about my on-line bookin

    You can send an e-mail to booking@snav.it

  8. Where can I find the Transport Conditions?

    The Transport Conditions are attached to the e-mail that we will send you together with your ticket; however, they can also be unloaded from our site under Booking Modification and Cancellation.

  9. To change or cancel a booking on-line, who must I contact?

    You can contact the Booking Office at the number:      tel 0814285555
          fax 0814285259
          e-mail booking@snav.it

  10. If I change a booking, must I receive a new ticket?

    You will receive a new ticket at your e-mail address, communicated to the operator that changes your booking.

  11. How do I pay the balance of the fare in the case of penalty?

    If you change your booking through our booking office, you can pay the balance of the fare difference telephonically via credit card (AMERICA EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD or DINERS).

  12. Can I change the booking at the port?

    Yes, you can change your booking up to four hours before the boat leaves.

  13. Until when can I change or cancel my booking?

    Until four hours before departure; after that time, the booking will just be lost.

  14. Who can I contact to change a booking made through agency?

    You can go to the same travel agency that issued the ticket, or directly to a Snav office.

  15. How can I get an invoice for my trip?

    You must request it at the moment of booking. In the case of booking via Internet or Galileo/Sigma, you can forward a written request attaching a copy of the ticket, to the address: Snav Spa Stazione Marittima Molo Angioino 80133 Napoli c.a Contabilità Generale. In your request, you must give all details necessary for invoicing: Full company name, VAT registration number, address to which the invoice must be sent if this is different from that of the company’s registered office.

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  1. How can I pay for an on-line booking?

    You can pay automatically by credit card: American Express, Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club.

  2. Can I book at the site and pay directly at the port or at a

    No, if you book on-line, the booking must be paid for by credit card.

  3. What is the CVV?

    The CVV is a security code of three figures situated on the back of the credit card, which must be entered in the specific field in the payment confirmation step.

  4. How can I get a refund for an on-line booking?

    Refunds for bookings made on-line are provided for by re-credit of the amount onto the card used for the payment.

  5. If I am forced to cancel the ticket already booked, how can

    We always advise taking out Trip Cancellation Insurance when you buy your ticket; this will allow you to obtain a refund of the penalties if the impediments foreseen by the policy arise (consult the regulations in the Insurance Section).

  6. If my car breaks down when I am driving to the port, do you

    For all our customers who have bought the insurance coverage together with their ticket, assistance is also foreseen for the vehicle in the case of breakdown, or if the impediments foreseen by the policy arise; (consult the regulations in the Insurance Section).

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  1. I cannot visualise the ticket correctly in pdf; why?

    To visualise the ticket correctly in pdf format, you must have an updated version of Acrobat Reader: - Adobe 6.0 or more advanced.

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  1. How long in advance must I go to the embarkation point?

    2 hours before departure for passengers with vehicles, and 1 hour in advance for those without vehicles.

  2. Can I take my gas or lpg fuelled car?

    You can, but you must inform the embarkation staff who will show you the special area for such vehicles. The valve must be closed and at the moment of embarkation the car must be running on petrol.

  3. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

    The ticket is nominative and cannot be transferred, and is valid only for the transport indicated on the same. However, it is possible to change the name on the ticket if you contact our booking office at 0814285555, and subject to the payment of a variation charge.

  4. What should I do if I lose my ticket?

    If you lose your ticket, you must make a statement to that purpose to the Police Authorities and you must immediately inform the Company. You must then deliver to the Company’s Offices or Agency a copy of the said statement made before the competent authority and you must pay the price of a new ticket. If the ticket is not used within six months from the departure date indicated on the same, the Company will refund the price that you originally paid.

  5. What can I do if I want to take my household pet with me?

    Unless otherwise prescribed by law, household pets can be transported in the special areas destined for the same on board, provided they have a valid ticket and vaccination document. The passenger is personally responsible for the care and supervision of his/her pets. Dogs must wear muzzles and must be kept on a lead when travelling on means of transport. Domestic animals are only allowed on the outdoor decks of the ship or, if available, in the special areas reserved for the same; they cannot be taken into the cabins.

  6. I have booked cabin/armchair accommodation. Where must I go

    When you embark, you will be received by the Ship Personnel who will assign you your cabin or armchair. If you do not turn up for the trip, your place will be made available for resale 1 and a half hours before departure of the ship.

  7. If there are no more cabins available, can I put myself on a

    We do not have waiting lists; once on board, you can ask at the ship’s Reception Desk if any accommodation has been freed and you can pay for the difference between your original booking and the new accommodation directly on board.

  8. If I take a cabin, will I have to share it with other passen

    No, if it is for your exclusive use; when you buy your ticket, you pay for the whole cabin and you therefore run no risk of having to share it with strangers.

  9. If I lose a personal object on the ship or on one of the Hig

    If you are still on board the ship, go immediately to the Purser at the Reception Desk. If you have already disembarked, send an e-mail to info@snav.it with a description of the lost object, the name of the ship on which you travelled, indicating the line and the departure day and time, and if you had a cabin, also the cabin number.


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