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With Snav, you can travel from and towards Medjugorje on our cruise ferry, reaching Split and then going ahead to one of the most famous places of religious interest ever, by car or comfortably by bus.

Thanks to our service of cruise ferries for Medjugorje, you can travel easily and safely on the Snav Adriatico, which allows you to reach Split in a few hours with a full-of-comfort navigation:

  • suites for your relax
  • first level catering services
  • duty free shopping area for your shopping on board
  • pizzeria, ice-cream parlour and places to spend your spare time

Reaching Medjugorje from Split is really easy! You can travel by car on the motorway starting from Split and driving up to the Vrgorac exit, which is near Medjugorje.

As an alternative, you can reach Medjugorje by bus: there are many companies leaving from Split to Medjugorje every day.

To know all the departures Snav towards Split, you can visit this page.

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