about snav

Snav is a shipping company, leader in the Mediterranean sea, which assures a comfortable and safe journey to and from all the destinations reached by its fleet.

Snav’s routes link Naples to the islands of its Gulf all year round, every day, with the frequency and precision of metropolitan transport. They also link Ancona to Split from March to November, reaching the most beautiful coasts and cities of Croatia, and Naples to the marvellous Aeolian islands from May to September.

cruise ferries (Snav Lazio, Snav Toscana and Snav Sardegna), built according to the highest standards, have the best services onboard, such as the Sky Room, where you can watch your favourite broadcasts, the Self Service restaurants, the Shopping Area, the Play Area for children and more.

Travelling on board of the cruise ferries towards Croatia, you can enjoy the mediterranean culinary specialties at our Self Service restaurants.

By booking in advance, you can take advantage of convenient fares! 

Also, thanks to the Snav Easy Life 2015 free fidelity program, you can always book your tickets to and from Croatia, Aeolian islands, Ischia and Procida saving 10% of the total cost. When booking to and from Ischia and Procida, the discount will only be available online.

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