passenger insurance

Passenger insurance

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SNAV, in collaboration with AMI ASSISTANCE, general agent of the “Filo Diretto Assicurazioni”, has prepared a MULTI-RISKS TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY which allows for the refund of any penalties in the case of ticket cancellation, as well as giving important assistance services during your journey.

By buying the insurance policy at the same time as the ticket, at the price of only € 4 per person for each journey of the journey, the trip can be cancelled in the case of unforeseen circumstances without loss of the cost of the ticket; furthermore, during your trip, you have the advantage of various different types of insurance coverage, to give you even more peace of mind.


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statement of the conditions of insurance

Trip cancellation click to open

    Filo Diretto Assicurazioni will reimburse the Insured Party for the penalty contractually applied by Snav pursuant to the General Transport Conditions, in the case of ticket cancellation on the part of the Insured Party consequent to unforeseen circumstances that did not exist at the moment of booking, caused by:
    • accident, illness or death of the Insured Party or a travel companion indicated by the Insured Party, or of his/her spouse-companion/co-inhabitant, parent, brother, sister, child, father/mother-in-law, son/daughter-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece, up to the 3rd degree of kinship;
    • damage to the Insured Party’s home, office or firm that requires his/her indispensable and non-deferrable presence;
    • impossibility for the Insured Party to reach the departure place subsequent to serious natural disaster declared by the competent Authorities;
    • breakdown and/or accident to the Insured Party’s own means of transport occurring during the 48 hours prior to embarkation, thus preventing the Insured Party from reaching the departure point of the booked trip;
    • convocation of the Insured Party on the part of a Public Authority;
    • impossibility on the part of the Insured Party to take his/her holidays as planned subsequent to being hired or dismissed by his/her employer, including cases of redundancy or "mobility".
    The insurance covers the full cost of the ticket including taxes and dues for embarkation and disembarkation with no deduction of any franchise.
    The Insured Party, or his/her representative, must immediately inform the company within midnight of the day following that of the event (understood as the appearance of the causes that determine cancellation of the trip), by phoning the Free phone Number 800-335747, active 24 hours a day, giving the passenger’s identity data, contact details, Snav ticket number, and the reason for cancellation. The Insured Party must also immediately inform the Travel Agency through which the trip was booked.
    IMPORTANT:the indemnity calculated shall be equal to that of withdrawal on the day on which the event became apparent; any major costs of withdrawal, debited by the Contracting Party subsequent to the delay on the part of the Insured Party in reporting the cancellation of the trip, shall remain charged to the Insured Party.
    The policy is valid only if signed by the Insured Party at the moment of booking the Snav ticket. Coverage will enter into force as of the moment when the ticket is booked and shall cease to be effective when the passenger takes avail of the first service pursuant to the travel contract.

Health assistance for passengers click to open

Operating Centre active 24 hours a day;Medical consultancy by telephone; Organised health transport; Early return home; Journey for a family member in the case of admittance to hospital; Assistance for minors. 

Health care expenses click to open

Reimbursement of medical costs sustained up to 1.000,00€ in Italy and 5.000,00€ abroad

Assistance for vehicles click to open

Breakdown assistance/towing service; Forwarding of spare parts; Replacement car in the case of breakdown, accident or theft in order to continue the trip for a maximum of 7 days; Reimbursement of hotel costs subsequent to breakdown or accident to the Insured Party’s own vehicle; Reimbursement of travel expenses for recovery of the vehicle.

Luggage click to open

On-the-road assistance in the case of the theft, mugging, robbery, and breakdown suffered by the carrier up to a maximum of € 500,00.
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